About Blush


  • First of all, thank you for reading me. It means you landed on my website and want to know the face behind Blush Barcelona.

    I'm Kristel, the owner of this «hot off the press» small business and the designer of most of the jewellery pieces featured on the website.

    The name Blush Barcelona is not fortuitous: being a Belgian national living since 10 years in Barcelona, I wanted a brand name that expresses my personal connection to this beautiful and vibrant city.

    Combining semi-precious and glass crystal stones with durable gold-plating, the Blush Barcelona jewellery collection intends to echo the grace, beauty and uniqueness of women.

    Moreover, I aim for my creations to carry a personal story and that’s why almost all items are not only designed, but also assembled by hand and heart in Barcelona.

    Be it a gift to yourself or a surprise to a loved one, it is my wish for each Blush Barcelona creation to contribute to your story and make you feel unique.

    From my hands to yours,